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Elder Ethan Schaeffer Runyan
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nuevo compa y es latino!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick week and Changes

Not for me though. Im pretty sure I am finally gonna have a comp that doesnt speak english. Woah... It has been a while. Im excited. Im pretty sure he is new in the mission right now though.

Anyway. Most of the week was just rain rain rain rain rain. All of the rain. the streets were rivers yet again and when we went to go find bots on monday they just ran out. So my good ole jonston and murphys are getting a good bath. 

We got a bunch of new investigators this week and one who has dyalisys and is about to die and she wants to be baptized right away.we asked for permission from the president and he said that she has to go to church 2 times... Oh boy. Why is it that i always get the people who are dying or dead... Then we also found an antiguo investigador who got into a motorcycle accident because he was driving drunk and whiskey throttled and hit the barrier of the huge bridge at the other end of our area. he was in a coma for 12 days and then miraculously came out. he doesnt have control over half of his body and he forgets stuff a lot but he says that he is fnally ready to change his life. His accident was very serious and he fractured his skull and opened it up. 

Also our good friends pablo and scarlet came to church for tier first time and i let hi one of my ties and one of my shirts and his little kid threw up on both of them. Also the other little kid dilan, is like my son. he wanted to hold my hand all the way walking to church. That is a neat feeling. i cant wait to have kids. Its gonna be so cool.

While we were at church we finally got to confirm the Hna Concepcion who we baptised last week but then didnt show up to church. Oh boy. So thats done and we now have two families coming to church. SWELL. 

last night we got a text from pablo and scarlet telling us that they had to take the youngest kid to tuxtla becuase he fell and got a piece of wood stuck in his eye. It didnt go through the front though. They are gonna go get it taken out but they dont know if theyll be able to save his vision. 

Prayers are always much appreciated. I love my investigators and I can tell that many of you are beginning to love them through me and your prayers.

Love you all so much.

Scripture of the week. DyC 67:10 Léala. Medita la. Ora sobre ella. Actúa sobre lo que descubres.

Lightning strikes at night
beautiful sunrises of indeco
Jungle walls of the waterfall in octavio paz

Monday, May 18, 2015

jungle book

The super old one is the new member, the gente of the baptism. 

Well this week was nuts
 we had a baptism but not a conformation because she got super duper sick.
 We got a reference to a house that was literally in the middle of the jungle. We found this rad old guy and bought an all leather handmade hat from him for less than 10 bucks and we basically indiana jonesd it on this bridge that we found that was made out of a couple of sticks and some rope. suuuper sketch. 

the crazy bridge to terebithia 

Also we finally got the sun to come out and the rain to stop for a bit and the mosquitos attacked like crazy. Also we caught a giant centipede in the jungle and named it sampson. What a guy. Well we really dont know but it is almos 7 inches long. Thats the crazy part...

We also met a farmer guy in the bottom of octavio paz( deepest part of the jungle) who had a pet monkey. Also found a swamp with aligators and saw a big ole snake on a tree. I feel like I am in a movie when I am there... 

We also found a family of five!! They are really hard to get all of them in the same room at the same time ut when they are, it is absolutely swell!!! They are all super apt to feel the spirit! They have been progressing like wildfire and the middle daughter has already read all of 1st nefi. I cant even believe it. This is a miracle come true. Also i have started my consecration fast of 40 days. Ill send that chunk of papers for all of the missionaries who want to do it. 

Scripture of the week : DyC 88:78-79. Léelo. Medita sobre ella. Orar sobre ella. Actúa sobre que descubre.

Thats really all i got for ya. Sorry its a lil short. We have to go do tons of stuff today... Oh boy.

I love you all. 
Ve y Conquista
Elder Runs

our pathway through the jungle...

the culture club

Monday, May 11, 2015

I love the idea of skyping


Blink made it to the streets of tapachula
and then a heshy version

Anyway. This week was mostly just sickness and heat. We tried to put the batteries in and kill it when we werent sick but it still went alright. 

We have been teaching Pablo and Escarlet for quite a while now and on tuesday we went and pulled his whle roof off his house and put a new one on. It was swell. Tons of blisters but oh well... Then we taught a coupleof really good lessons. Then on thursday when we finally got to go out to work, We went to our first lesson and we got set up by the jehovas witnesses.... I was however completely able to defend our beliefs from thier attacks... Lucky. We see miracles every day. We also had our zone reunion and it was swell. My papito Elder Luna used me as an example and i had to try to tell one of the new mexican elders how to do something in spanish without showing him. Then i was able to show him and it was way better. This is the way that we need to work with the members. We need to show them how to do the work and not just tell them. We also hada whole lot of sickness ofthe stomach. Then i went on divisions with elder Clark and we literally walked to the border of guatemala. Wicked cool. ( stairs in the jungle pic) Then we got to skype on sunday after we had 7 investigators in church. AWESOME. Overall awesome week. 

Scripture of the week : Matthew 5:6 léala. Meditarla. Ora sobre ella. Actúa sobre que descubre.

Ve y Conquista
Elder Runs

The Crazy deadly caterpillars that are all over the place here

The staricase that leads across the river into Guatemala...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fastest of the fastest

Well theis week flew by. Mostly consisted of rain. Like rivers and rivers of rain. It flooded a bunch of houses and washed a couple of them down the river and killed a few people and took out one of the bridges that we used to wealk across to get to the other side of our area. Now we have to walk around.... Then we had to treach all of our lessons soaking wet. Also we had to buy sandbags and put them at our backdoor because our house started flooding. We still have to squeegee the water out. We also had a multi zone conference with the prez and that was cool. I got to see a whole bunch of the guys from the mish. Including Elder Ibarra, Salinas, Palmer, Birk, and a bunch of others. We got to hear a nice little story about El Patito feo. Que lindo. Anyway. We might be canging areas because this drunk guy keeps trying to fight us that lives across the street and he thew a bunch of beer bottles at the house last night. We also found two kids who are really stellar. They are totally gonna progress a ton. They are the chosen people that we have been looking for! Javier manuel and Ronaldo jose. They are awesome. Thats pretty much all that happened today. I love you all Thanks for all of your prayers and wishes!

Scripture of the week : 2 Nefi 31:19 Léala. Meditarla. Orar sobre ella. Actuar en que ha descubierto.

Monday, April 27, 2015


So fast that i dont have time to put spaces.

Well things that happened this week.Lots of work and we recieved a whole crud ton of references. 35.The work is gonna start moving along.I still have to teach every lesson solo, but oh well. Such is life. He is learning. Also i had to do surgery on my toe for a crazy hangnail. Lots of blood and a nice big bandage. We found some investigators that life quite a long way away so getting out there is fun and its super greeen out there. Like legit jungle. We got yelled at by a handful of drunk guys and had to dodge a punch, we found a deadly poisinous lizard in our watertank, and we found a guy on tuesday, have him a book of mormon, and when we visited him on thursday, he had read all the way to alma 17....  Also it rained a ton and flooded the basement of our house and its still full of water. Both pairs of my shoes are soaking wet and i really want to go get a shoe drier but nobody here has even heard of that... Anyway. Thats really all ive got. Oh also we found this guy who has been investigating the church by himself for 4 years and he came up to us in an alley and scared the crap out of us. 

Thats what ive got for ya this week!!!

Pic 1 is us when it was raining for days super duper hard
Pic 2 is The sunrise with the active volcano Tacaná
Pic 3 is the area furthest from where we live. Los Pelasquez

Monday, April 20, 2015

  So Tapachula

Wow. Land of the lost.

I feel like i could be right in elder AndyMacSmarts backyard. It is crazy here. 

Anyway. My new area is Tapachula Izapa Indeco. It is anicesliver that goes all the way down to touch the border of guatemala. We got to the house the first night i was here and i asked my comp if he had been down there andhe said no so we went down there on wednesday and it literally is just like houses and then it ends into pure jungle. We walked through it for a few mins and didnt find any houses. Anyway. Its exactly like hawaii climate here. Its super hot in the sun and then nice and cool when it rains. It has everything from slums to decently wealthy parts. Anyway. My comp is Elder Burgess. He is from utah. He is a good guy. He has a real desire to work his butoff. I likethat. He is also really new. I get the opportunity to finish his training so i guess you could say i am his step dad. Lol. His spanish is exactly what  youd expect so i have to teach my part and a good chunk of his part when we teach lessons. Its alright though. Anyway. THis area is huge, the house is huge. The climate here is awesome and we have to sleep in our hammocks because the beds have bugs... We do have a walmart that we can go to on our p day so that makes me really happy. Like really really happy. Like real food. and this house has a kitchen. Well. Anyway. Thats about it. Love you all!

Scripture of the week : 1st John 4:19 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

Ve y Conquista,
Elder Runyan

Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Runyan se va a Tapachula Izapa!!!

This week was fast and sad.

Mostly just consisted of first, i got the last intercambio with Elder Ramos. He is our ZL and is going home today. It was a good one and he gave me some very good counsel. God gave you every gift that you have and every gift that you have can be used to help the work of the lord so use them and dont be like the servsnt who hid his talent. Im going to start doing that. I am going to do self evealuations more often. Then we had intercambios with elder Rusell and that was quite the headache. He is a good guy and all but whoo... Then we taught a bunch of lessons and then on sunday Lleymi and Luis and Brandon and Brenda came to churcha dn they tod us they really want to get baptised. They are a family taht we have been working with for quite a while. The little girl brenda is adorable and i want to come steal her after my mission and keep her as my daughter.
Then monday. We got the call. I am the only one in the entire district that is getting changed. I am going to Tapachula Izapa. It is the area where the rock that has lehis dream is. So tahts super cool. Anyway, we had a good hour to say goodbye to everyone and little brenda was crying her eyes out., She said she wont get baptized by anyone but me... The whole family was crying and even a couple of the motos taht took us around cried. I have been there for so long and with it being such a small town, i just know everyone, and everyone knows me. It was super sad. But now i am in chauhites with the zone leaders waiting or my new companion to head out to Tapachula. Ready for wherever the Lord wants me to go. Ill never forget the times I had and i will be sure to keep in touch and yes I am going back in 17 months.

Scripture of the week : Alma 34:32 Read it, Ponder it, Pray about it, Act upon what you discover.

Thats all. Much love and as always,

Ve y Conquistar,
Elder Runyan

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fast week and sickness...

Well heres the rundown.

Monday: Good but a pipe broke and our house flooded so we spent all night cleaning it up...

Tuesday: Woke up to a nice bout with the double dragon . Not fun. We headed out to the doctor as soon as i could and i got a shot in my butt and a bunch of pills and diagnosed with dengue. Suck... Spent the rest of the day with my head in the porcelain.

Wed: Equally crappy but we were able to leave the house at intervals to go to interviews with the president. It was like a scene out of "the RM" He was eating and barely talking to me during the interview but he gave me a paper with a talk about a really pressing question that i had.

Thurs: Zone conference and hitting the bathroom hard all day. This is taking a toll on me. I did get to teach a couple of lessons but it is super hard when you feel like this...

Friday: Got up and felt like it was gonna be a day taht i could finally work. We studied and went out to find out that there was literally nobody in the entire town of ixhuatan. We walked around all day and our lunch person wasnt even there. 23 contacts and 3 lessons all day...

Saturday: We couldnt watch conference because the internet was too slow at the church and there is still nobody here.. They are all at Aguachil beach partying it up. Its crazy apparently. We visited who we could and roasted all day long as we walked the empty streets.

Sunday: Someone downloaded the first session of conference overnight and so we were able to watch that and it was awesome. The translator for Eyrines talk was from spain and speaking stupid lisp spanish so it was super annoying to listen to but it was good! We also had 8 of our investigators in church. What a success!!!!!!

Scripture of the week: Alma 34:10 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon waht you discover.

Thats all! Love you all so much and hope you had a wonderful week!

Ve y Conquistar 
Elder Runyan

Monday, March 30, 2015

Breaking through as captain of the sappy sours!

This week was good and I actually got my district excited and they did a good chunk of work! It is killing me but thats ok.

Tuesday. Leaders meeting. We had a big discussion for 2 hours about how to be an effective leader. It was awesome. We need to push from the back not pull our districts up. We need to go whith them and push them through it. I realized that i really need to walk in the footsteps of my companionships that i am in charge of. Then we had a noche de hogar and we got called on last second to talk about missionarry work in the ward. Then we found this awesome family of 7 taht are all gonna get baptized but cant for 5 weeks. I kinda hope i am here still for that.

Wednesday. We had district meeteng. Teaching my chamacos how to do what they need to do to complete the normas of the mission. It is rough with my district. They arent very easily excited to work. But i tried the best i could and then we went and taught a ton, and then came back and all of the numbers that they read to me were awesome!!! I am thrilled! Captain of the sappy sours came through!!!  I went on cambios with Elder Bishoff. He is the new elder as of this transfer from california. He is awesome. He has fairly good spanish for his short amount of time in the mission. We went over to San Fransisco del Mar. It was good. I really helped them out over there. I got them 2 baptismal dates and got him really excited about working. He is a good kid and he is gonna be a great missionary.

Thursday. Got a call this morning that we needed to come back to ixhuatan because i needed to make an announcement for the movie night that we planned for the ward to bring a ton of péople. So we went over to pacos house because he is like the only one that has a computer. We went over and i downlodaed Reaper, and worked my magic. It was killer! I miss that stuff. Then we had to find the movie "charly" which i have never seen. And then we headed out to teach a bit more and then went back to the house, did call in reports and hit the sack.

Friday. We got up and headed out to go get some teaching done and then we got called to go put everything up. We ran quickly and gave 2 blessings and then had to go rent speakers for the event and then go get the projetor from the chapel and then headed over and set it all up and it was supposed to start at 5 but nobody was there until 6:30 so we started it then. And we showed the new video of Because of him. Its celestial cool! Go take a look at it! There it is. Just take a min during this holy week to think about what Jesus Christ means to you. What do you have because of him. We watched charly and it is one of the best movies that i have ever seen and i totally cried at the end. Im looking for a charly.

Saturday. Got up and had a satisfied saturday full of awesome teaching and swell lessons! I also got a bunch of people to read and pray! Gotta love that!

Sunday. We got up to try to bring 4 investigators to church but they made us late and so we missed sacrament and then to make it worse, President George was there, and to make it worse, right as we walked in, the branch president asked me to talk about easter and what the pascua means to me. I went up and talked about the miracles of Christ and how he preformed so amny miracles soely based on the fact that his will was entirely in line with that of the father. It made me think of how may miracles i could be preforming if my will was in line perfectly with that of my heavenly father. I am going to really try to do  that. 

Scripture of the week. 1 Nephi 19:9 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

That what ive got this week!

Ve y conquistar,
Elder Runyan

Monday, March 23, 2015

Birfday and 6 Meses. Boom

What a fun week. It was wicked fast too. Ill try to give you what I remember.

Tuesday : Completed 6 Months! Holy cow. Cray. We went to the leaders meeting which i had to teach about contacting. It was a good lesson. I talkd about being prayerfully ready to find the elegidos. I dont know what that is in english. its like a step above chosen. Like the super chosen ones. It was swell. Then we did a bunch of practices. Then I talked about being a consecrated missionary. This is something that i am really working on, but it is suuuuper hard. Then we went and cleaned a field with machetes for 4 hours. its hot. Then we had our noche de hogar in the church and we brought the two people with us whose yard we cleaned but they snuck out during the opening prayer... POOP. That was pretty much it.
Wednesday : Our neighbor caught some cool bird and we woke up to him yelling for us to come see his bird... Anyway. Our lunch people forgot that we were going, so we didnt get lunch, and then we went out with dylan and taught a bunch of solid lessons. We found a new investigator. her name is priscilla. She prayed on the first lesson. Awesome. She was super open about everything. the rest of the lessons were just dece. Still super hot.

Thursday : 19. Woah. Im old. I woke up to the announcements that happen outside our house at 6:30 playing las mañanitas which is like the mexico happy birthday. Then they announced my birthday over the announcementss to the pueblo. We eventually found out taht it was the Villavicencios that did it. We ate so much food and now im super fat(ter than i was) We had a bunch of people both members and investigators feed us because they love me. Lol. I ate 12 gansitos, 2 pb&js, a bowl of rice and chicken, 5 quesadillas with churrisso, 2 hot dogs, 2 hamburgers, 4 tamales, 1/4 of a cake, 2 plates of shrimp sabiche, and a half of a pizza. Thats like 12 pounds of food. We also climbed up in our palm trees over our house and cut off all of the stupid brances that drop thousands of seeds everywhere. Thanks to everyone for the love and the prayers and teh gifts! Shoutout to mads for the sick tie and socks, Daddio for the sick watch and candy, and mom for the sick tie and socks, and dave for the cool books! 

Friday : Hottest day of my life. it hit 43 celcius here.... lie 114 and with a thousand percent humidity i think i am going to die. Thats about all. Just hot. And for the next two days as well just hot.

Sunday : Got something stuck in my tooth in the morning and it was super bugging me all day and i finaly got it out with a whole lot of blood right before my nightly prayer. We had a super swell lesson today to a person who ususally doesnt listen when we teach her whole family but we taught just her and it was good!!!

Scripture of the week : DyC 63:9-12 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act on what you discover.

I love you all so much!!!

Keep it real out there wherever you are!!!

Con mucho amor,
   Elder Runyan

Pic is of my birthday party with the famillia Villavicencio

Monday, March 16, 2015


sick old restored datsun that i guy had driving through from baja california
This week flew by!

I dont even remember in what order things happened.

Here are the things I can remember.

Tuesday : we had a lesson that someone set us up with some jehovas whitnesses in thier house to fight us. We responded with a quick explanation of how they were wrong. They were aastonished. Then the son of family wanted to know more. AWESOME. 

Wednesday : We had our zone meeting and i had to teach a huge chunk of it... Oh well it was good. I taught about why we teach the restauracion. And also why we have to teach each one of the points in each of the lessons.

Saturday : We went to the temple with Braulio and Erick to be thier temple guides. It was kiler. That was an awesome experience. I absolutely LOVE the temple. It is the greatest thing ever and i am super jealous of Madie Osborne and all of her oppurtunities to go to the temple. We also got to sit in on a temple sealing session of two return missionaries. It was absolutely fantastic. I cant wait for that day. 

Sunday : It was the farewell of the two young men that I convinced to go on missions. Erick and Braulio. It was awesome. They did awesome. The farewells here are a little different though. They are after church and the whole family talks. Then we went and visited with the two familes and i played a version of come thou fount that i re-wrote for the guitar. It was killer. Then we said our last goodbyes.

Scripture of the week : Alma 7:10-13 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act on what you discover.

Thats all I got for you!

I love you all tons!

Also my birthday wish : The biggest gift you could give to me is to invite someone over for missionary lessons on the 19th and write me about it. Also if you arent a member, Invite the missionaries over for a lesson on the 19th and write me what you thought about it. You might be surprised at what you find. This is the greatest gift you could give to me and to the lord and will benifit all of you and your testimonies!

Con Amor,
   Elder Runyan
Some old guys foot

Monday, March 9, 2015

Well that was quick

That was maybe the fastes week i have ever had in the mission. Not much happened. But heres the rundown.

Tuesday : We did service pretty much all day. We built a house out of cement and then put a cement roof on top of it. Then we went to go get food and my comp got bit by a dog. 

Wednesday : we studied and then went out to the doctor to get it looked at and then we went to a members house to take care of him.

Thursday : I went on splits and my comp stayed at thier house. We got quite a few lessons done. And got this new couple who is super interested but it will be really hard to teach them.... they both cant read and one is deaf... They really want to get baptized though...

Friday : Went out and got some work done again on splits to try to make up for lost time. It was one of those days where we just got to walk around for 7 hours getting the doors slammed in our faces. Gotta love them. 

Saturday : We had to go interview this little girl who was getting baptized in a few hours. How precious. Legitimately the cutest thing ever. They had a little old boombox that she had the spanish hymns playing and was reading the scriptures right next to it. Later her dad baptized her and it was the most precious thing ever. We had to run this way and that to get a whole ton of stuff done for this ward activity that is going to happen ina few weeks so we didnt get anything done...

Sunday : We went to church and had 8 investigators there. It was superb. Also the district mission leader came and talked and did a whold bunch of lessons wth us. He is 23 and hasnt been on a mission ut is going to go in a few weeks. He is an awesome dude. .Then we went and taught a menos activo for quite a few years and we made a bet with him that he couldnt go to church 3 times and stay the whole time. If he wins, My comp and i have to give him 2 ties. If we win, He gives us ties.

Scripture of the week : Mosiah 2:23-25 Read it, Ponder it, Pray about it, Act upon what you discover.

Also Happy Birthday Shoutout to Mads Osborne! I hope it rocked your socks!

Thats what ive got for ya this week. Sorry it was so short.

Con amor,
Elder Runyan

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Elder Runyan Se va a.... Quedar...

Well whats up!

This week was a blast of fun for a bunch of missioaries that were stuck in the bland land of Oaxaca!

Tuesday : We had Leaders meeting in zanatapec and then we came back and got two lessons in that were references from members and they were crazy. Macaroy. I feel your pain with the people who just kill a bunch of people... 

Wednesday : ACTIVIDAD DE ZONA!!!! SWEETNESS!!! We took a long drive through the jungle and then we ended up at the beach. What a swell day. The beach here is abolutely beautiful. There is nobody for miles and frick it does go on for miles. We got to go into the water up to our knees and wow. Im in love. We took a bunch of cool pics and videos and ate tlayudas on the beach.

Thursday : We were wiped out and the whole zone got to sleep in till 8. What a life. We got up and studied and we both were super sunburned and couldnt put our shirts on for a long time. We got three lessons in at the end of the day, and then we had english classes. Nothing too spectacular.

Friday : We got up and went on splits with Eric and Braulio who are leaving for thier missions on the 17th. It was awesome. We did a whole ton of work. The best part was that we went and taught Osiris. She was timid as usual and didnt want to tell us why she didnt want to pray. Then we got into a huge hour and a half conversation and I successfully answered all of her questions. I told her about how i have fasted and prayed about her specifically and she started to cry. She then asked if she could say the closing prayer at the end. It was awesome. I hope i dont leave so i can baptize her.

Saturday : Left the house at 3 am to head to Tuxtla to see Dallin H Oaks. He was awesome. He talked to us about a lot of things. How we should never assume anything when we are teaching people. We also should live and preach the culture of the gospel. This is the biggest thing that people have problems with as missionaries. Sometimes the missionaries just dont. Then he talked to us and told us that as long as we arent married when we get home from our missions, we are just "medio hombres" or half of a man. That means its gonna be pretty quick for me i guess. i dont wanna be a medio hombre. That means ill have to try really hard 4 weeks after i get home. ;) "meet the mormons" for the first showing in Chiapas. It was dece.

Sunday : Sunday was spent at church in the morning and that was god. After, we went to Hno Temocs house to eat and then Braulio told me that he was feeling really under the weather about his mision. He was just super confused and all of that. Just like i was. So i helped him out with a nice hour and a half pep talk and then i gave him a blessing of comfort. it was a really cool experience. We spent most of the day thinking about the transfers though. 

Today : Got the call this morning. Elder Runyan se va a ....... quedar. Im glad. I am now the oldest person here in the district and the area. Everyone that came with me left. I will be here for 6 months at least. They switched us around though. Elder jones and i have the same amount of time in the mission so we havent been junior or senior comp. Now this transfer, instead of elder Jones being the DL, I am the DL... So thats cool. Now i Have responsibilities.

Scripture of the week : 1 Nefi 10:18 Leerlo. Meditarlo. Ora sobre eso. Haga que siente es nessicario.

Les amo mucho!

Con Amor,
Elder Runyan

Monday, February 23, 2015

Another week but full of sickness.....

This week started off really well!

Monday : Gave a blessing to Hno Juan and it was super long and i used a couple of words that I didnt know... I had to ask my comp what they meant afterwards. Super cool.

Tuesday : Reunion de lidres where we got a new tema for the mission. Oh boy. Its really cool and super long. Then we talked about being more united as a compañerismo when we teach. they used us as an example. It was super good. We absolutely killed it.No more than 40 seconds each one of us. Then we had noche de hogar and eric and braulio opened thier mission calls! Eric is going to ciudad Obregon and Braulio is going to Puebla norte. Sweet. Obregon looks beautiful.

Wednesday : Jones was really sick today so we went on splits and i went out and taught while he stayed inside. It was really quite cool. Braulio has a solid testimony. He is gonna be a sweet missionary. We taught a whole bunch of people, one of which was some old dude named jose who only wears fedoras on his head because he has cancer on his scalp. He is super open and i am excited to keep teaching him.

Thursday : We got up and studying and then we found 2 more scorpions and so we moved everythig out of the house and studied outside while the fumigators came and fumigated and then i just threw up. So that was a fun day. Just throwing up all day. yay. we went out and taught at 6 and got a few lessons in to some of our investigators like osiris. She said that she believes in the book of mormon and JS but she doesnt want to pray for an answer to baptisim...

Friday. We studied about listening to the spirit and then fasting. so we started a consegration fast and we are still going. We are going to break it on monday. We had an absolutely killer day where we talked to all sorts of people. We learned about the church of the cornerstone ( interesting) and then we talked to a psychopath who is gonna kill some stalker that he has. Then we taught some of these people who were going to church for 3 years and never got baptised and they said they want to now. It is a family of 5. We can baptize them.

Saturday : We went to district conference in zanatapec and we learned a lot about our patriarchal blessings. it was super col. I am gonna study taht so much. We took a van to the conference and we were all packed in for 2 hours and no ac. YUM. when we got back it was 8:30 so we just hit the sack.

Sunday : We got Suje to come to Church!!! Suje is a menos activo that we have been talking to and she is super shy but really wants to change her life again. She came and she really liked it. It was the general version of district conference so after we went and took pictures and introduced her to president George and his wife and she really thought they were swell. We got back at 9 this time and had to go straight home, but it was fun.

Scripture of the week : D&C 88:86   
Abide ye in the liberty wherewith ye are made freeentangle not yourselves in sin, but let your hands be clean, until the Lord comes. 
Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

Con amor como siempre,
Elder Runyan

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well that was quick.

Didnt I just email you yesterday?

This week flew by. 

Tuesday : We taught and stuff. I was with elder sanchez. He is super terrible at teaching. It frustrates the heck out of me because i cant ever do anything without him contradicting me... Then we got home and I had a missin home kinda night. Gotta love them. 

Wednesday : Well at 1 oclock this morning i woke up to elder sanchez screaming. That was fun. He was yelling and saying "algo mi pico" or something stung me. We blew it off and he slept ing the hammock. Woke up and started cleaning stuff out because it was freaking him out and he couldnt talk right. We found a scorpion. It was about 7 inches long. Quien sabe como entre nuestra casa.... craziness. Then we taught a lil and went out to lunch. that was sweet. Awesome lunch. But heres the thing. I DRANK A TON OF APPLEJUICE. youd think id have learned my lesson. LOL. (Shoutout to Mads, and the rest of rebeleague and for that midnight in paris)

Thursday : Well we were 100% obedient today. It as awesome. A bunch of the investigators that we were about to drop just got super interested and i dont know if i like that or not... But theres that. OBEDIENCE BLESSINGS ARE REAL.

Friday : We had one of our Zone leaders come with us after the district meeting and he just went on splits with me. So theres that. Good ole Elder Rocha. What a guy. He made me teach every part of every lesson because i am going to train a kid who doesnt know anything next transfer. MI PRIMER HIJO!

Saturday : HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO MY VALENTINE! (you know who you are)
Today was pretty good! Elder jones mistaked a lesbian girl for a guy at our lunch sita and that was pretty funny and then we had a couple lessons and then had english class. we were told to come home early so we were messing around and figured out that tang powder is really flammable so we mad a flamethrower. SWEET. #NEVERGROWOLD

Sunday : This day was a tad bit frustrating. We went to church where i helped these two kids in our ward set up thier iphones. They bought the iphone 4 from juchitan. Super used. Its awesome. I love it. I also hooked them up with all of my music. Then we went to go to lunch and there learned all about the freemasons and how im gonna be one. We were reading up on it and there are quite a few missionaries who join a lodge on thier missions or when they get back. SWEET. Maybe Ill look into that. LOL. then we ( I ) taught a few lessons. Jones is in such a downer mood. Idk. Its kinda lame...

Scripture of the week : 3 Nephi 27:27 And know ye that ye shall be judges of this people, according to the judgment which I shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

Thats what Ive got for you this week!

Con amor, and stay gold my children!

Elder Runyan.