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Elder Ethan Schaeffer Runyan
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nuevo compa y es latino!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick week and Changes

Not for me though. Im pretty sure I am finally gonna have a comp that doesnt speak english. Woah... It has been a while. Im excited. Im pretty sure he is new in the mission right now though.

Anyway. Most of the week was just rain rain rain rain rain. All of the rain. the streets were rivers yet again and when we went to go find bots on monday they just ran out. So my good ole jonston and murphys are getting a good bath. 

We got a bunch of new investigators this week and one who has dyalisys and is about to die and she wants to be baptized right away.we asked for permission from the president and he said that she has to go to church 2 times... Oh boy. Why is it that i always get the people who are dying or dead... Then we also found an antiguo investigador who got into a motorcycle accident because he was driving drunk and whiskey throttled and hit the barrier of the huge bridge at the other end of our area. he was in a coma for 12 days and then miraculously came out. he doesnt have control over half of his body and he forgets stuff a lot but he says that he is fnally ready to change his life. His accident was very serious and he fractured his skull and opened it up. 

Also our good friends pablo and scarlet came to church for tier first time and i let hi one of my ties and one of my shirts and his little kid threw up on both of them. Also the other little kid dilan, is like my son. he wanted to hold my hand all the way walking to church. That is a neat feeling. i cant wait to have kids. Its gonna be so cool.

While we were at church we finally got to confirm the Hna Concepcion who we baptised last week but then didnt show up to church. Oh boy. So thats done and we now have two families coming to church. SWELL. 

last night we got a text from pablo and scarlet telling us that they had to take the youngest kid to tuxtla becuase he fell and got a piece of wood stuck in his eye. It didnt go through the front though. They are gonna go get it taken out but they dont know if theyll be able to save his vision. 

Prayers are always much appreciated. I love my investigators and I can tell that many of you are beginning to love them through me and your prayers.

Love you all so much.

Scripture of the week. DyC 67:10 Léala. Medita la. Ora sobre ella. Actúa sobre lo que descubres.

Lightning strikes at night
beautiful sunrises of indeco
Jungle walls of the waterfall in octavio paz

Monday, May 18, 2015

jungle book

The super old one is the new member, the gente of the baptism. 

Well this week was nuts
 we had a baptism but not a conformation because she got super duper sick.
 We got a reference to a house that was literally in the middle of the jungle. We found this rad old guy and bought an all leather handmade hat from him for less than 10 bucks and we basically indiana jonesd it on this bridge that we found that was made out of a couple of sticks and some rope. suuuper sketch. 

the crazy bridge to terebithia 

Also we finally got the sun to come out and the rain to stop for a bit and the mosquitos attacked like crazy. Also we caught a giant centipede in the jungle and named it sampson. What a guy. Well we really dont know but it is almos 7 inches long. Thats the crazy part...

We also met a farmer guy in the bottom of octavio paz( deepest part of the jungle) who had a pet monkey. Also found a swamp with aligators and saw a big ole snake on a tree. I feel like I am in a movie when I am there... 

We also found a family of five!! They are really hard to get all of them in the same room at the same time ut when they are, it is absolutely swell!!! They are all super apt to feel the spirit! They have been progressing like wildfire and the middle daughter has already read all of 1st nefi. I cant even believe it. This is a miracle come true. Also i have started my consecration fast of 40 days. Ill send that chunk of papers for all of the missionaries who want to do it. 

Scripture of the week : DyC 88:78-79. Léelo. Medita sobre ella. Orar sobre ella. Actúa sobre que descubre.

Thats really all i got for ya. Sorry its a lil short. We have to go do tons of stuff today... Oh boy.

I love you all. 
Ve y Conquista
Elder Runs

our pathway through the jungle...

the culture club

Monday, May 11, 2015

I love the idea of skyping


Blink made it to the streets of tapachula
and then a heshy version

Anyway. This week was mostly just sickness and heat. We tried to put the batteries in and kill it when we werent sick but it still went alright. 

We have been teaching Pablo and Escarlet for quite a while now and on tuesday we went and pulled his whle roof off his house and put a new one on. It was swell. Tons of blisters but oh well... Then we taught a coupleof really good lessons. Then on thursday when we finally got to go out to work, We went to our first lesson and we got set up by the jehovas witnesses.... I was however completely able to defend our beliefs from thier attacks... Lucky. We see miracles every day. We also had our zone reunion and it was swell. My papito Elder Luna used me as an example and i had to try to tell one of the new mexican elders how to do something in spanish without showing him. Then i was able to show him and it was way better. This is the way that we need to work with the members. We need to show them how to do the work and not just tell them. We also hada whole lot of sickness ofthe stomach. Then i went on divisions with elder Clark and we literally walked to the border of guatemala. Wicked cool. ( stairs in the jungle pic) Then we got to skype on sunday after we had 7 investigators in church. AWESOME. Overall awesome week. 

Scripture of the week : Matthew 5:6 léala. Meditarla. Ora sobre ella. Actúa sobre que descubre.

Ve y Conquista
Elder Runs

The Crazy deadly caterpillars that are all over the place here

The staricase that leads across the river into Guatemala...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fastest of the fastest

Well theis week flew by. Mostly consisted of rain. Like rivers and rivers of rain. It flooded a bunch of houses and washed a couple of them down the river and killed a few people and took out one of the bridges that we used to wealk across to get to the other side of our area. Now we have to walk around.... Then we had to treach all of our lessons soaking wet. Also we had to buy sandbags and put them at our backdoor because our house started flooding. We still have to squeegee the water out. We also had a multi zone conference with the prez and that was cool. I got to see a whole bunch of the guys from the mish. Including Elder Ibarra, Salinas, Palmer, Birk, and a bunch of others. We got to hear a nice little story about El Patito feo. Que lindo. Anyway. We might be canging areas because this drunk guy keeps trying to fight us that lives across the street and he thew a bunch of beer bottles at the house last night. We also found two kids who are really stellar. They are totally gonna progress a ton. They are the chosen people that we have been looking for! Javier manuel and Ronaldo jose. They are awesome. Thats pretty much all that happened today. I love you all Thanks for all of your prayers and wishes!

Scripture of the week : 2 Nefi 31:19 Léala. Meditarla. Orar sobre ella. Actuar en que ha descubierto.

Monday, April 27, 2015


So fast that i dont have time to put spaces.

Well things that happened this week.Lots of work and we recieved a whole crud ton of references. 35.The work is gonna start moving along.I still have to teach every lesson solo, but oh well. Such is life. He is learning. Also i had to do surgery on my toe for a crazy hangnail. Lots of blood and a nice big bandage. We found some investigators that life quite a long way away so getting out there is fun and its super greeen out there. Like legit jungle. We got yelled at by a handful of drunk guys and had to dodge a punch, we found a deadly poisinous lizard in our watertank, and we found a guy on tuesday, have him a book of mormon, and when we visited him on thursday, he had read all the way to alma 17....  Also it rained a ton and flooded the basement of our house and its still full of water. Both pairs of my shoes are soaking wet and i really want to go get a shoe drier but nobody here has even heard of that... Anyway. Thats really all ive got. Oh also we found this guy who has been investigating the church by himself for 4 years and he came up to us in an alley and scared the crap out of us. 

Thats what ive got for ya this week!!!

Pic 1 is us when it was raining for days super duper hard
Pic 2 is The sunrise with the active volcano Tacaná
Pic 3 is the area furthest from where we live. Los Pelasquez

Monday, April 20, 2015

  So Tapachula

Wow. Land of the lost.

I feel like i could be right in elder AndyMacSmarts backyard. It is crazy here. 

Anyway. My new area is Tapachula Izapa Indeco. It is anicesliver that goes all the way down to touch the border of guatemala. We got to the house the first night i was here and i asked my comp if he had been down there andhe said no so we went down there on wednesday and it literally is just like houses and then it ends into pure jungle. We walked through it for a few mins and didnt find any houses. Anyway. Its exactly like hawaii climate here. Its super hot in the sun and then nice and cool when it rains. It has everything from slums to decently wealthy parts. Anyway. My comp is Elder Burgess. He is from utah. He is a good guy. He has a real desire to work his butoff. I likethat. He is also really new. I get the opportunity to finish his training so i guess you could say i am his step dad. Lol. His spanish is exactly what  youd expect so i have to teach my part and a good chunk of his part when we teach lessons. Its alright though. Anyway. THis area is huge, the house is huge. The climate here is awesome and we have to sleep in our hammocks because the beds have bugs... We do have a walmart that we can go to on our p day so that makes me really happy. Like really really happy. Like real food. and this house has a kitchen. Well. Anyway. Thats about it. Love you all!

Scripture of the week : 1st John 4:19 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

Ve y Conquista,
Elder Runyan