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Monday, March 16, 2015


sick old restored datsun that i guy had driving through from baja california
This week flew by!

I dont even remember in what order things happened.

Here are the things I can remember.

Tuesday : we had a lesson that someone set us up with some jehovas whitnesses in thier house to fight us. We responded with a quick explanation of how they were wrong. They were aastonished. Then the son of family wanted to know more. AWESOME. 

Wednesday : We had our zone meeting and i had to teach a huge chunk of it... Oh well it was good. I taught about why we teach the restauracion. And also why we have to teach each one of the points in each of the lessons.

Saturday : We went to the temple with Braulio and Erick to be thier temple guides. It was kiler. That was an awesome experience. I absolutely LOVE the temple. It is the greatest thing ever and i am super jealous of Madie Osborne and all of her oppurtunities to go to the temple. We also got to sit in on a temple sealing session of two return missionaries. It was absolutely fantastic. I cant wait for that day. 

Sunday : It was the farewell of the two young men that I convinced to go on missions. Erick and Braulio. It was awesome. They did awesome. The farewells here are a little different though. They are after church and the whole family talks. Then we went and visited with the two familes and i played a version of come thou fount that i re-wrote for the guitar. It was killer. Then we said our last goodbyes.

Scripture of the week : Alma 7:10-13 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act on what you discover.

Thats all I got for you!

I love you all tons!

Also my birthday wish : The biggest gift you could give to me is to invite someone over for missionary lessons on the 19th and write me about it. Also if you arent a member, Invite the missionaries over for a lesson on the 19th and write me what you thought about it. You might be surprised at what you find. This is the greatest gift you could give to me and to the lord and will benifit all of you and your testimonies!

Con Amor,
   Elder Runyan
Some old guys foot

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