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Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Runyan se va a Tapachula Izapa!!!

This week was fast and sad.

Mostly just consisted of first, i got the last intercambio with Elder Ramos. He is our ZL and is going home today. It was a good one and he gave me some very good counsel. God gave you every gift that you have and every gift that you have can be used to help the work of the lord so use them and dont be like the servsnt who hid his talent. Im going to start doing that. I am going to do self evealuations more often. Then we had intercambios with elder Rusell and that was quite the headache. He is a good guy and all but whoo... Then we taught a bunch of lessons and then on sunday Lleymi and Luis and Brandon and Brenda came to churcha dn they tod us they really want to get baptised. They are a family taht we have been working with for quite a while. The little girl brenda is adorable and i want to come steal her after my mission and keep her as my daughter.
Then monday. We got the call. I am the only one in the entire district that is getting changed. I am going to Tapachula Izapa. It is the area where the rock that has lehis dream is. So tahts super cool. Anyway, we had a good hour to say goodbye to everyone and little brenda was crying her eyes out., She said she wont get baptized by anyone but me... The whole family was crying and even a couple of the motos taht took us around cried. I have been there for so long and with it being such a small town, i just know everyone, and everyone knows me. It was super sad. But now i am in chauhites with the zone leaders waiting or my new companion to head out to Tapachula. Ready for wherever the Lord wants me to go. Ill never forget the times I had and i will be sure to keep in touch and yes I am going back in 17 months.

Scripture of the week : Alma 34:32 Read it, Ponder it, Pray about it, Act upon what you discover.

Thats all. Much love and as always,

Ve y Conquistar,
Elder Runyan

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