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Monday, May 18, 2015

jungle book

The super old one is the new member, the gente of the baptism. 

Well this week was nuts
 we had a baptism but not a conformation because she got super duper sick.
 We got a reference to a house that was literally in the middle of the jungle. We found this rad old guy and bought an all leather handmade hat from him for less than 10 bucks and we basically indiana jonesd it on this bridge that we found that was made out of a couple of sticks and some rope. suuuper sketch. 

the crazy bridge to terebithia 

Also we finally got the sun to come out and the rain to stop for a bit and the mosquitos attacked like crazy. Also we caught a giant centipede in the jungle and named it sampson. What a guy. Well we really dont know but it is almos 7 inches long. Thats the crazy part...

We also met a farmer guy in the bottom of octavio paz( deepest part of the jungle) who had a pet monkey. Also found a swamp with aligators and saw a big ole snake on a tree. I feel like I am in a movie when I am there... 

We also found a family of five!! They are really hard to get all of them in the same room at the same time ut when they are, it is absolutely swell!!! They are all super apt to feel the spirit! They have been progressing like wildfire and the middle daughter has already read all of 1st nefi. I cant even believe it. This is a miracle come true. Also i have started my consecration fast of 40 days. Ill send that chunk of papers for all of the missionaries who want to do it. 

Scripture of the week : DyC 88:78-79. Léelo. Medita sobre ella. Orar sobre ella. Actúa sobre que descubre.

Thats really all i got for ya. Sorry its a lil short. We have to go do tons of stuff today... Oh boy.

I love you all. 
Ve y Conquista
Elder Runs

our pathway through the jungle...

the culture club

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