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Monday, March 30, 2015

Breaking through as captain of the sappy sours!

This week was good and I actually got my district excited and they did a good chunk of work! It is killing me but thats ok.

Tuesday. Leaders meeting. We had a big discussion for 2 hours about how to be an effective leader. It was awesome. We need to push from the back not pull our districts up. We need to go whith them and push them through it. I realized that i really need to walk in the footsteps of my companionships that i am in charge of. Then we had a noche de hogar and we got called on last second to talk about missionarry work in the ward. Then we found this awesome family of 7 taht are all gonna get baptized but cant for 5 weeks. I kinda hope i am here still for that.

Wednesday. We had district meeteng. Teaching my chamacos how to do what they need to do to complete the normas of the mission. It is rough with my district. They arent very easily excited to work. But i tried the best i could and then we went and taught a ton, and then came back and all of the numbers that they read to me were awesome!!! I am thrilled! Captain of the sappy sours came through!!!  I went on cambios with Elder Bishoff. He is the new elder as of this transfer from california. He is awesome. He has fairly good spanish for his short amount of time in the mission. We went over to San Fransisco del Mar. It was good. I really helped them out over there. I got them 2 baptismal dates and got him really excited about working. He is a good kid and he is gonna be a great missionary.

Thursday. Got a call this morning that we needed to come back to ixhuatan because i needed to make an announcement for the movie night that we planned for the ward to bring a ton of pĂ©ople. So we went over to pacos house because he is like the only one that has a computer. We went over and i downlodaed Reaper, and worked my magic. It was killer! I miss that stuff. Then we had to find the movie "charly" which i have never seen. And then we headed out to teach a bit more and then went back to the house, did call in reports and hit the sack.

Friday. We got up and headed out to go get some teaching done and then we got called to go put everything up. We ran quickly and gave 2 blessings and then had to go rent speakers for the event and then go get the projetor from the chapel and then headed over and set it all up and it was supposed to start at 5 but nobody was there until 6:30 so we started it then. And we showed the new video of Because of him. Its celestial cool! Go take a look at it! There it is. Just take a min during this holy week to think about what Jesus Christ means to you. What do you have because of him. We watched charly and it is one of the best movies that i have ever seen and i totally cried at the end. Im looking for a charly.

Saturday. Got up and had a satisfied saturday full of awesome teaching and swell lessons! I also got a bunch of people to read and pray! Gotta love that!

Sunday. We got up to try to bring 4 investigators to church but they made us late and so we missed sacrament and then to make it worse, President George was there, and to make it worse, right as we walked in, the branch president asked me to talk about easter and what the pascua means to me. I went up and talked about the miracles of Christ and how he preformed so amny miracles soely based on the fact that his will was entirely in line with that of the father. It made me think of how may miracles i could be preforming if my will was in line perfectly with that of my heavenly father. I am going to really try to do  that. 

Scripture of the week. 1 Nephi 19:9 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act upon what you discover.

That what ive got this week!

Ve y conquistar,
Elder Runyan

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