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Monday, March 23, 2015

Birfday and 6 Meses. Boom

What a fun week. It was wicked fast too. Ill try to give you what I remember.

Tuesday : Completed 6 Months! Holy cow. Cray. We went to the leaders meeting which i had to teach about contacting. It was a good lesson. I talkd about being prayerfully ready to find the elegidos. I dont know what that is in english. its like a step above chosen. Like the super chosen ones. It was swell. Then we did a bunch of practices. Then I talked about being a consecrated missionary. This is something that i am really working on, but it is suuuuper hard. Then we went and cleaned a field with machetes for 4 hours. its hot. Then we had our noche de hogar in the church and we brought the two people with us whose yard we cleaned but they snuck out during the opening prayer... POOP. That was pretty much it.
Wednesday : Our neighbor caught some cool bird and we woke up to him yelling for us to come see his bird... Anyway. Our lunch people forgot that we were going, so we didnt get lunch, and then we went out with dylan and taught a bunch of solid lessons. We found a new investigator. her name is priscilla. She prayed on the first lesson. Awesome. She was super open about everything. the rest of the lessons were just dece. Still super hot.

Thursday : 19. Woah. Im old. I woke up to the announcements that happen outside our house at 6:30 playing las maƱanitas which is like the mexico happy birthday. Then they announced my birthday over the announcementss to the pueblo. We eventually found out taht it was the Villavicencios that did it. We ate so much food and now im super fat(ter than i was) We had a bunch of people both members and investigators feed us because they love me. Lol. I ate 12 gansitos, 2 pb&js, a bowl of rice and chicken, 5 quesadillas with churrisso, 2 hot dogs, 2 hamburgers, 4 tamales, 1/4 of a cake, 2 plates of shrimp sabiche, and a half of a pizza. Thats like 12 pounds of food. We also climbed up in our palm trees over our house and cut off all of the stupid brances that drop thousands of seeds everywhere. Thanks to everyone for the love and the prayers and teh gifts! Shoutout to mads for the sick tie and socks, Daddio for the sick watch and candy, and mom for the sick tie and socks, and dave for the cool books! 

Friday : Hottest day of my life. it hit 43 celcius here.... lie 114 and with a thousand percent humidity i think i am going to die. Thats about all. Just hot. And for the next two days as well just hot.

Sunday : Got something stuck in my tooth in the morning and it was super bugging me all day and i finaly got it out with a whole lot of blood right before my nightly prayer. We had a super swell lesson today to a person who ususally doesnt listen when we teach her whole family but we taught just her and it was good!!!

Scripture of the week : DyC 63:9-12 Read it. Ponder it. Pray about it. Act on what you discover.

I love you all so much!!!

Keep it real out there wherever you are!!!

Con mucho amor,
   Elder Runyan

Pic is of my birthday party with the famillia Villavicencio

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