Ethan's address in Mexico

Elder Ethan Schaeffer Runyan
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Monday, April 27, 2015


So fast that i dont have time to put spaces.

Well things that happened this week.Lots of work and we recieved a whole crud ton of references. 35.The work is gonna start moving along.I still have to teach every lesson solo, but oh well. Such is life. He is learning. Also i had to do surgery on my toe for a crazy hangnail. Lots of blood and a nice big bandage. We found some investigators that life quite a long way away so getting out there is fun and its super greeen out there. Like legit jungle. We got yelled at by a handful of drunk guys and had to dodge a punch, we found a deadly poisinous lizard in our watertank, and we found a guy on tuesday, have him a book of mormon, and when we visited him on thursday, he had read all the way to alma 17....  Also it rained a ton and flooded the basement of our house and its still full of water. Both pairs of my shoes are soaking wet and i really want to go get a shoe drier but nobody here has even heard of that... Anyway. Thats really all ive got. Oh also we found this guy who has been investigating the church by himself for 4 years and he came up to us in an alley and scared the crap out of us. 

Thats what ive got for ya this week!!!

Pic 1 is us when it was raining for days super duper hard
Pic 2 is The sunrise with the active volcano TacanĂ¡
Pic 3 is the area furthest from where we live. Los Pelasquez

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