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Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Elder Runyan Se va a.... Quedar...

Well whats up!

This week was a blast of fun for a bunch of missioaries that were stuck in the bland land of Oaxaca!

Tuesday : We had Leaders meeting in zanatapec and then we came back and got two lessons in that were references from members and they were crazy. Macaroy. I feel your pain with the people who just kill a bunch of people... 

Wednesday : ACTIVIDAD DE ZONA!!!! SWEETNESS!!! We took a long drive through the jungle and then we ended up at the beach. What a swell day. The beach here is abolutely beautiful. There is nobody for miles and frick it does go on for miles. We got to go into the water up to our knees and wow. Im in love. We took a bunch of cool pics and videos and ate tlayudas on the beach.

Thursday : We were wiped out and the whole zone got to sleep in till 8. What a life. We got up and studied and we both were super sunburned and couldnt put our shirts on for a long time. We got three lessons in at the end of the day, and then we had english classes. Nothing too spectacular.

Friday : We got up and went on splits with Eric and Braulio who are leaving for thier missions on the 17th. It was awesome. We did a whole ton of work. The best part was that we went and taught Osiris. She was timid as usual and didnt want to tell us why she didnt want to pray. Then we got into a huge hour and a half conversation and I successfully answered all of her questions. I told her about how i have fasted and prayed about her specifically and she started to cry. She then asked if she could say the closing prayer at the end. It was awesome. I hope i dont leave so i can baptize her.

Saturday : Left the house at 3 am to head to Tuxtla to see Dallin H Oaks. He was awesome. He talked to us about a lot of things. How we should never assume anything when we are teaching people. We also should live and preach the culture of the gospel. This is the biggest thing that people have problems with as missionaries. Sometimes the missionaries just dont. Then he talked to us and told us that as long as we arent married when we get home from our missions, we are just "medio hombres" or half of a man. That means its gonna be pretty quick for me i guess. i dont wanna be a medio hombre. That means ill have to try really hard 4 weeks after i get home. ;) "meet the mormons" for the first showing in Chiapas. It was dece.

Sunday : Sunday was spent at church in the morning and that was god. After, we went to Hno Temocs house to eat and then Braulio told me that he was feeling really under the weather about his mision. He was just super confused and all of that. Just like i was. So i helped him out with a nice hour and a half pep talk and then i gave him a blessing of comfort. it was a really cool experience. We spent most of the day thinking about the transfers though. 

Today : Got the call this morning. Elder Runyan se va a ....... quedar. Im glad. I am now the oldest person here in the district and the area. Everyone that came with me left. I will be here for 6 months at least. They switched us around though. Elder jones and i have the same amount of time in the mission so we havent been junior or senior comp. Now this transfer, instead of elder Jones being the DL, I am the DL... So thats cool. Now i Have responsibilities.

Scripture of the week : 1 Nefi 10:18 Leerlo. Meditarlo. Ora sobre eso. Haga que siente es nessicario.

Les amo mucho!

Con Amor,
Elder Runyan

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