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Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 2

Week 2 and some more is up. The start of the week was good, and fairly usual. Lots of class, and lots of bad food ( I have gained 6.5 pounds)(yay...) Basketball took a turn, and i caught an elbow to the eye, and hit my head on the floor for a quick 2 hit KO. Out cold for a few mins, and I had a pretty gnarly black eye for a while, but its just smeared makeup now. That was fun, and I am getting awful tired of telling people the story behind the mysterious black eye... After that, more teaching. Spanish is coming along well, but I still suck at speaking it... I'm sure it will come in time. We have been teaching our investigator at the MTC, and have, after 5 lessons, committed him to baptism. He will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. FUN stuff i suppose. I am really string to feel the spirit, and let it guide me when i am teaching lessons. I can get a lot more across, and i can relay my message of the saviors love, and affection for a person, and challenge them to do something, as well as bear my testimony, and give opening and closing prayers. I really do love it.

Our last day on the WEST SIDE (West campus) was a way good one. To start off, we found the pillow room(basically a room 3/4 full of excess pillows from the unused dorms) and we climbed in the window, and had a massive pillow fight, diving into all of them is a feeling unlike any other. It truly is a rush. Then we set up all of the mattresses from 2 dorms, in one of the living rooms, and had a big wrestling tournament(sorry, no pics,camera was dead) There were a few casualties including a couple broken fingers, and a broken nose (great wholesome fun) and then when we got home, we realized that Elder McDonald had clogged the toilet on his last visit, and it had erupted in a rank mess all over the bathroom floor. It was REEEEEEALLY bad. They cleaned it up though, and we finally got to bed at 1:00. YAY.

We were exported to main campus on Wednesday, and it sucks..... Six to a room, and way less room for all of my crap. Oh well. It is kinda fun being in a huge dorm with all of the guys though. I can feel the spirit her a lot more too. It is really a cool experience to have had both of the different campuses. The classrooms, are worse, but we have fun chairs with wheels, and little flip up desks, so on break time we take them into the halls, and have jousting matches with some of those extendable pointers that we all got from the bookstore. The chairs, are maybe the thing that will get me through this whole experience. They are bomb. Other than that. It has been slow but good. 

Yesterday, we went to the Mexican Consulate in salt lake. It is literally like right east of the bees stadium. that was maybe the hardest thing i have ever done. On our way down, we took 13th east, and drove straight past browning ave...... ),; Super sad. Tons of feelings rushed back, and I was a wreck for a few mins. When we got to the consulates office, we were early, and so they let us walk around to get lunch. We walked to the sonic on 13th and state. Waaaaay too close for comfort. It took everything I had to not just walk home. I am feeling much better about the whole thing now that it is over but it still made me way sad. we then went in and got our visas, and it was the easiest thing i have ever done. Idk why its so hard for some people... Then we rode the trax to the frontrunner station in Murray, and then took the front runner all the way back to Provo. We talked to some very interesting people on the train ride, one of whom was a guy who was going to school to learn french and sign language. He taught is how to say hello my name is ______ from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It is pretty cool. I was also able to have a conversation with him in french and Spanish as well as English. All of these languages can really come in handy. He is fluent in English, Spanish, french, Arabic, Japanese, and ASL. CRAZY STUFF.

Anyway,, our p day is now on Friday since being moved to main campus, Sorry I didn't get the chance to tell you. We didn't get our Wednesday p day, and had to wait until to day to send these off. Anyway, link to the dropbox with new pictures is below, I love you all, I might be on for a little longer if you want to chat, and i will talk to you all next week!

Querria que estes aqui!

              Elder Ethan Runyan

P.S. I have been loving all of the packages, and letters that I have been receiving! they brighten up my days! and my companion, and district love all of the candy! 

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