Ethan's address in Mexico

Elder Ethan Schaeffer Runyan
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Calle Jazmines #210
Fracc. Los Laureles
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Sunday, October 5, 2014


One week down in the mtc, and it is a huge difference from what Im used to! The schedule is awful, (wake up @ 6:30, breakfast @ 7:30, then 3 hours of class, lunch for 30 mins, and then an hour of workout time for b ball #ballislyfe jk #laxislyfe, then another 3 hour class period where we have to teach an investigator in our mission language which is awful and no bueno because I still cant speak Spanish very well, then dinner, and then another 3 hour class period of personal study, head back to our apartments, and then in bed at 10:30) Yes the food is awful. I feel like I am just eating out of boredom though.... Oh well.

We are currently in the Raintree apartments, which are super nice, and we have a kitchen, and 6 to an apartment, two to a decent size room. The little campus down here is nice, but super small. We get to leave campus on p days to go get Jamba at Brighams Landing though!!! Rumor has it that we will be moving up to main campus within the next week. Im glad we get to experience both though! i cant wait to have the true mtc experience! 

The first couple days were super hard, and two of the people from our district went home. One didn't even last 24 hours! lol. But all of the sitting inside and studying, really gets to you. I miss hanging with the homies, and fam, and definitely miss scoot rides. There are 4 zumas at the campus down here, and I want to go steal one for just a few hours... 

Mi companeros nombre es Elder Hansen, and he is from Rupert Idaho. He is a big wrestler, and is a totally funny guy. He reminds me a lot of Nigel. We had some somber news yesterday when we received word that his brother had passed away in a farming accident that morning. Terrible stuff. He isn't going home though, because he said that the gospel taught him that through the plan of salvation, families can be together forever, and he will be able to see his brother again. And if he chose to go home, he would be taking that knowledge away from people in mexico who might need that. He is a very spiritually strong guy. 

The Other guys are super cool too! There is elder Lempearle who is from South Jordan, and went to Bingham. he is 21 now, but he says he knows Rachel, and Sarah Nance! He is totally funny, and is a baller with a shock collar. Then there is elder Armstrong who lived in cali, and went to irvine. Big dude, and way chill too. He balls up pretty good, and is way good at spanish. Then there is elder McDonald from Hyrum Utah. He is hilarious, and has a hillbilly accent. He always carries his knife around, and wears a texas longhorns hat whenever possible. His companion is elder Prows, from provo. He is a little too exited about everything, and has been practically on a mission his whole life. He never had a cellphone, and has never been on social media. He sings, way too much, and makes the most obnoxious noises ever....... He is like an older, less funny, and way more overkill version of Kody. Then there is a trio. There is elder wixom from idaho, who is just super chill, and all he likes to do is raft and fish. Way nice guy, and tends to shut people out but i got talking to him the other day, and he really opened up, and is a way cool kid. Then there is elder Palmer from somewhere in utah, who is a total stud. He looks funny, but he played lacrosse at mountain crest, and he is super friendly and helpful when it comes to figuring out espanol. Then there is elder Russel Who is from Lancaster Pennsylvania, and is our DL and Gods Hallmonitor. He is going to have a hard time in the field, when things don't go his way. He is a good guy though. He ran xc (but a pansy version. His longest distance is like 6 miles.) and no, he doesn't know the Leitz family. 

People i have seen here in the MTC

Zach Chizholm
Taylor Frey
Matt Orlandi
Naomi Rhondeau
Eric Seximexi
Spencer Wilson
Eric Bowen.

I will be online for a little while longer, so feel free to email me back, but please dont reply to all!!!

Con Amor
     Elder Ethan Runyan. <3

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